GrabScript V 1.1


Inspired by the IV mod, GrabScript.

Place GrabScript V.dll and GrabScript V.ini into your "scripts" folder. You will need Script Hook V and .NET Script Hook.

J - Grab onto Nearest Car
K - Nearest Ped grabs onto your car.

The controls can be edited via the .ini file.

PedGrabInvincible - True/False for if the pedestrian can die while grabbing onto your vehicle.

PedDetachWhenDead- True/False for if the pedestrian lets go of his/her grab of your vehicle if they die.

FrictionValue - Value for the amount of friction that you/pedestrian will cause when grabbing onto the vehicle. Example: Setting it to 0 will mean that your vehicle won't take as much drag, setting it to 100000 will mean that your vehicle will take a lot of drag.

The settings can be edited via the .ini file.

GrabScript in IV was always fun grabbing onto cars. Now you can have the same amount of fun in V! You can let pedestrians grab onto your car or you can grab onto other cars and go for a bumpy ride. I'll add more customization like if you hold with your left/right hand and which side of the car in future updates.

- Initial Release

- Added customizable friction value in the .ini file.
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