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Serving as the successor to my previous (deprecated) mod "POV Camera Unlocker", this plugin provides various customizable options for the in- game cameras, allowing you to unlock many of the default limits set in place by R*.

ScriptHookV -
Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable (2015) -

Important Info
If you are experiencing problems you may need to change permissions on your game folder so that the mod can save settings properly.
To do this:

1. Right click the Grand Theft Auto V folder and scroll down to properties
2. Uncheck the "readonly" box and click apply
3. Click OK to apply the changes to all subfolders and files

Move ExtendedCameraSettings.asi to your GTA installation folder.

Default Keybinds
Save camera settings: Control + B
Reload camera settings : F11

See included readme.txt

@Reyser - Spanish translation

Source Code

Please let me know if you run into any problems and feel free to leave your suggestions on how I can improve the mod. Thanks (:

  • Supports newest game updates

  • Support newer game versions while maintaining backwards compatibility

  • Russian language support - crash fix

  • Russian language support from Des98

  • Support latest game version

  • Updates offsets for latest game version
  • Fixes "Notification" config switch from not working properly

  • Fixed issue related to config file not being read properly
  • Enabled saving to file by default

  • Support for game version 1.0.1365.1

  • Support for game version 1.0.1290.1

  • Changed metadata entries in the xml file to use more relevant names. Hopefully this will alleviate confusion for some users. (old xml files can be quickly converted with this tool:
  • Added a new option to toggle the "speed- zooming" feature when accelerating in a vehicle
  • The INI option to save camera presets automatically in the xml file is now enabled by default
  • CameraPresets.xml and ExtendedCameraSettings.ini will be loaded from the current directory of the .asi file instead of the base game directory
  • Re-wrote the readme to be more readable and less confusing to the average user

  • Fix menu options not working after a game reload
  • Settings in the menu update based on the current camera configuration

  • Fix crashing issue when reloading from a save
  • Add spanish language support (thanks Reyser)
  • Other less interesting stuff

  • Fully updated for the latest game version (what is it? I'm losing track)
  • Added ability to set camera presets for individual vehicles and peds
  • Added settings for third- person aiming camera
  • Added some new settings to existing cameras i.e. Field of view
  • Third- person auto- centering can now be fully disabled for gamepads
  • Switched to XML format for camera settings
  • Better loading times
  • Less verbose log file
  • Log file deletes itself when the script is unloaded
  • Other bug fixes and performance improvements

  • Fixes problem introduced by the last version where settings would not survive a game restart

  • Fixed an issue with the nose- mounted camera on planes that have weapons (the camera no longer clips through the vehicle)
  • Enabled a scrollbar in the menu

  • Fixed compatibility issues with PauseMenu extension API.

  • Added ability to set third- person view angle limits
  • Setting in- vehicle POV offset now uses smaller increments when set from the menu
  • Bug fix - Fixed an issue that could have caused crashes in certain cases
  • Bug fix - Fixed a problem that caused values from the config file not to be applied properly after reloading the game
  • Bug fix - Fixed a problem where the slider bars in the menu would sometimes show the wrong value

  • Stability- Added some more sanity checks when patching camera metadatas since it seems to be the cause of crashes for some people
  • Added ability to customize in-vehicle POV camera offset
  • Fixed some values in the config file that weren't set to their vanilla values by default

  • Stability- The plugin should no longer cause script hook errors or crashes
  • Added a log file
  • Re-added some stuff that was removed in the last version (Restore defaults button working again)
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