Choir Music Mod


It is best used with this mod by Kaiso

**Use INI File to change the value of Health
in Which Music Will Be Played.

Mod Requested by Satyr15 in

If your health is less than half a choir music will play indicating that you are hurt. If use anything like first aid and you health became more than half the music will stop. If you want to modify the music that plays then rename any wav file to CR(so it will be CR.wav) and replace it with the CR.wav in the CR Folder in GTA V scripts Folder.

Special Thanks:
Satyr15 for Requseting the mod(GTA IV)
LetsPlayOrDy for Support(GTA IV)
Rugz007 for Support(GTA IV)
JulioNIB for Naudio code
Naudio team for Naudio
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