Cheriki (Battlefield Mode) 1.1.1868.1



  • I'm still learning English, so bear with me. :D
  • Do not use it in "GTA Online" (you'll get banned).
  • It's still incomplete and under progress, but it's playable.
  • It's a huge mod and I'm doing it by myself, so major updates can take some time.
  • My source codes are not well commented, but I'll eventually put it on GitHub.
  • I hope playing video games make it easier to stay home in these unlucky days, not only for us but for elders too. (covid-19)

  • It's inspired by Battlefield 2-3 and a little bit by Counter-Strike...
  • In this mod, you'll experience an environment similar to Battlefield 2 and there's only one goal: enjoy the game.
    You can choose a ped as your character, pick a kit (Assult, Recon,...) change its weapons and spawn.
    Almost all of the weapons are locked in "Ranked Mode" (for everybody), but you can unlock them by killing your opponents and increasing your score.
    All other soldiers are controlled by your PC and they will experience the same circumstances as you.
  • You have to choose your team before starting a match. if it's not pleasant let me know so that I can change it in future updates.
  • Currently there's only one Mode, I call it "Free Mode".
    In this mode, there is no objectives, so just kill and don't get killed.

Next Update:
  • More bug fixes.
  • Spawning in a vehicle.

  • You can have up to 128 soldiers in the game but be aware that having more than (more or less) 70 soldiers will make your game unstable.
    Currently I can't do anything about it because the error happens inside the Rage Engine.Other mods like
    HeapAdjuster and Packfile Limit Adjuster can't fix it too.
  • I'm still working on AI but sometimes you might see a soldier that is doing nothing (specially in "Knifes Only" mode).!!!
  • Please let me know in case of any interference with other mods so that I can update the readme accordingly.

  • Just copy Cheriki.asi and Cheriki folder to your GTAs main folder.
  • Launch GTA and while you're on-foot press O button to start the mod.
  • Other buttons:

    • 1 2 3 4 5: select weapon

    • 1 2 3 4 [5 6 7 8 9]: select vehicle seat (when you are near a vehicle)

    • F: enter the nearby vehicle.

    • Tab: scoreboard.

    • M: change map size.

    • N: night vision.

    • G: swap your kit with a dead soldier.

    • E: pick medic or ammo box from the ground.

    • E: use the medic or ammo box if you are holding it.

    • Left/Right Click: interact with menus



  • 1.1.1868.1: - Now it's working with the latest Script Hook V (1.0.1868.1).
    - By request of chaaalks, Mod is not a first-person mode only anymore. You can change it in Player Settings.
    - By request of Samperfield, Now you can limit available weapons to Knifes Only, Sniper Rifles Only..., Check Soldiers Settings menu.
    - Nightvision (after spawning, press N button).
  • 1.1.1: - I removed EnableMpCars to fix more errors.
    - Many thanks to hotiovip for helping me to find those errors.
  • 1.1: - Some bug fix.
    - Crash memory dump file generator (read crash-bug-report.html for more information).
  • 1.01: - I remove my settings and scores (now it's clean).
  • 1.0: - First release

Best wishes.
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