Is this script you can toggle alarms that have been used throughout the Story Mode and Online Mode. Please read the: READ ME.txt file to see the keybinds.


ScriptHookV, here is link:
ScriptHookV DOT Net (.NET), here is link:

Installation Guide: Grand Theft Auto/scripts
and put all the files in your scripts folder or if you are in the .zip file you'll see the path there.

Common Problems: The alarm can sometimes glitch out when trying to toggle on or off but has never caused problems or crashes with my game and shouldn't to yours.

In police cars when toggling the siren or honking the police horn the alarms with cut out and you have re-toggle the alarm.

No longer a problem from Version "THIS IS A TEMPORARY PROBLEM: Another problem is toggling the alarms, you might notice that the alarms might not go on right away and I'm fixing that problem so this will be temporary but for now it have to do."

Notes: First note: the INI file will be used soon just figuring out the code and then it should be good to go!!!!!

Thank you so much for Downloading AlarmScript and make sure to check out my Forums Topic the link is on this mod page. Hope you have fun with this mod/script!!!!!

Version Fixed all the audio paths,
new alarm,
and new notification system!
For the notification system it's where if you press a invalid key on the numpad it pops up a message in the top left coroner of your screen!

Version Fixed the glitch where it doesn't start right away,
new alarm,
No more game pausing/freezing for a few second's issue.

Version Primary/First ever version
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