Adaptive Headlights 1.0.1


Adaptive Headlights

Something I worked on a while ago but never released - but I found some time to polish it up a bit.


  • Adaptive headlights: headlights stay level with the road

    • With a start-up animation when turning on for the first time
  • Cornering assist: headlights beam into the steering direction
  • Correct wrongly aimed headlights

    • With separate low and high beam settings

Requirements and installation

Grand Theft Auto V (b2372 and higher)

To install, drag and drop the AdaptiveHeadlights.asi file and
AdaptiveHeadlights folder to the GTA V folder.

C:/Users/(User)/AppData/Local/ikt/AdaptiveHeadlights may also be used, if the GTA V folder is not writeable.

Open the management menu with the ah cheat (use tilde to open the cheat

Please consult the included README.pdf or for further instructions.


Shadow Quality should be Very High for both headlights to cast their own lights, otherwise only one light is cast and some effects won't look right.

The headlight bone moves around, which may result in clipping or movement of the headlight housing for a number of vehicles.

@Vehicle authors: it would be awesome if newly created vehicles only had the headlight projector unit be marked as the headlight bone - or if existing vehicles setup permit, update them to look less wonky with this script.


InfamousSabre's Headlights++


Special thanks to AlexGuirre for the bone manipulation bits, and GVMA for testing.



Fix crash if headlight bone doesn't exist on car.


Initial release
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