WWE Roman Reigns - The Tribal Chief (WWE2K23) 1.1

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V1.0: Roman Reigns 2022 Attire

V1.1 Roman Reigns 2023 Attire (NEWEST)

CREDIT TO ZenStrideR for the help!

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Addon or replace. How to install without using addon peds:

1. Go to Open IV, click "Edit Mode" at the top.

2. Go to mods\x64e.rpf\models\cdimages\componentpeds_ig.rpf\

3. Copy the name of any ped (such as ig_bankman) and replace the name of your Roman Reigns files with that selected peds name.

Once you have finished replacing, your Roman Reigns file should match the name of ped in Open IV.

4. Replace the selected ped from Open IV with your Roman Reigns files

5. Use an in-game trainer such as Menyoo to find the ped you've just replaced with Roman

(EXAMPLE) Menyoo >> Model Changer >> Story Modes >> ig_bankman


(Original model is from the game WWE 2K23)
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