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Hey Guys i'm Back With Another Watch Dogs Mod....ITS WRENCH!!! First of all i really wanna thank this special guy @TheFriedturkey he helped me fix some issues and bugs related to this mod without him i couldn't have completed the project so thank you so much TheFriedturkey..

So This project was started like months ago but i was busy so i couldn't release it in time and i'm sorry to keep ya guys waited but i'm back modding...So i made this out of scratch it was time consuming the spikes were pain in the ass had to align them properly onto to the jacket this took me like 2 days (not whole two days lol).. So i hope ya guys like it and i guess there are no bugs as Turkey fixed em for me..and if you find any bugs just report it to me down in the comments....Thanks Have Fun

YOU'll need this script for Add on

*Installation Will be in the Archive*

*support me on patreon*
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