Venom Snake [Add-On Ped / Replace] 1.5


Venom Snake from mgsv
Most gamers knows who he is,so i won't talk much about it.


-spec maps changed to get better texture

-added lips movement,snake now can open his mouth!

-fixed the missing hair problem which makes snake looks like he grew bald

-overall weight adjustment

Thanks to 3doomer for making awesome gta modeling script and
solving problems that i encountered during the process of ped making,
and also thanks to those helpful users in gtaforums providing solution of my problems in the gim evo thread.
In addition,thanks to IIReII for porting and rigging the model of snake.

i am so greatful for all your help and contribution.

GIMS Evo with GTA V Support (author:3doomer)

related thread in gtaforums

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain - Venom Snake (ported and rigged by IIReII)

*Properties of Kojima Productions and Konami.

For [replace]
Just simply change the file name to any of the ped you want to replace and then replace it.

For[addon ped]
for details please refer to Meth0d's Add-On Peds

For [replace]
to spawn the model,please use trainers that with function of ped spawning.

For[addon ped]
again,for details please refer to Meth0d's Add-On Peds

I have done venom snake's head poring using prop replacement method before
,now it's time for me to turn him into a ped.
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