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"The sleeper has awakened. I am the prince of all Saiyans once again!"

Presenting the long awaited fully transformable Vegeta ped. All his main uniforms(Saiyan armor, battle damage, Buu saga, Vegeta Black) and super forms are available here (12 different power-ups included) The hair also glows at night :)

Compatible with SilkTeam's NEW VEGETA mod and JuiloNIB's Goku mod. to, Kiryury for the Ultra Ego model, and Xenoverse 2. Powers shown in above pictures by SilkTeam. Maps and other peds shown in pictures by Quenchus13 and NOTOFTHEWORLD.

Play with the NEW VEGETA MOD and MORE at:

Feel free to make video with this, but please include a link to this mod so people can find and use it. Thanks and Enjoy!,

Install: use Add-on Peds by Meth0d or replace an existing npc like ig bankman, etc

9003 - added non-canon forms: Golden SSJ4, SSJ5, Ultra Instinct, Vegeta Black outfit, Rose, Broly Legendary, and both white and black outfit textures. Separate INI for canon, and non canon forms.
9002- added Classic armor, battle damage, ssj4, halo, scouter, & tail prop. Majin Vegeta Texture
9001- added ini file for Silkteam DBZ mod configured for Vegeta Ped. added readme.txt

dragonball dragonballz ultraego ultrainstinct ssj ssjgod ssj5
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