Uncharted V: A Chiliad Mystery Nathan Drake from Uncharted 4 -Beta-

Naughty Devs


Nathan Drake's adventures are back.

Join the mythical Nathan Drake into his incredible new journey in San Andreas. After countless years of research, the mystery of the great old Mount Chiliad is still left unsolved. Countless corpses have been recovered during the search for the artifact, and many more were lost...

Now it's time for the legend itself to solve this dangerous mystery once and for all.

What's on the version 1.2?

- Updated detail maps, using bump maps. Merged detail map from the UC4 game into vanilla normal maps with UDN normal technique. So loss is not an option, completly well merged bump maps! *ALL DEFAULT COMPONENTS

Available Outfits:

- Uncharted 4
- Uncharted 3
- Uncharted 2
- Retired Drake
- Suit Drake
- Auction
- Scotland Drake
- And many more clothes

NOTE: You'll be needing Menyoo in order to gain access to these outfits easily! We used Menyoo to save the outfit's config files. You can still manually spawn clothes.

Additional Content:

- Weapon Holster Script
- New Menu Loading Music
- New Loading spinner
- New Intro
- New Main Menu Backgrounds
- Nathan Drake's Voice

What more is there to come?

More characters from the Uncharted Universe and a complete new Storyline using Mission Creator!

Everything will be installed automatically through this OIV Installation Package, just click install and you're ready to go!

Naughty Devs:
Modelling and rigging: MAESTRE, Alex189 & DoctorMike
Meta Files Editing: HeySlickThatsMe
Meta Files Documentation: Stryfaar & Custo
OIV Installation Package: Stryfaar
Facial Animation: Alex189
Scripting: Sollahola
Texturing: MAESTRE & DoctorMike
Screenshots and Trailer: NewHomeCinema/Pantyshot, Alex189 and Saldin93
Music and Voice: MAESTRE & DoctorMike
Add On creation: HeySlickThatsMe
Special Credits: Raven Software, Naughty Dog, Kojima Productions, konrad19, Luxox18 & Adngel.
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