The Skinz (Menyoo) 1.0


The most notorious white supremacist prison gang, the Skinz influence has spread all the way to Los Santos. Though their roots are in the rust-belt city of Carcer City their reach is nationwide. The Los Santos chapter sports a more traditional "skinheaded" look with tight pants, high work boots and bomber jackets. Skinz still sport their traditional hockey masks, but with more prison style tattoos showing off their beliefs for the world to see. This mod includes several new textures for hoodies, boots, t-shirts, jackets and jeans.

I created this mod because I wanted some skinheads to shoot at for content, figured the easiest way to do that was to use what was already established in cannon, so here we are. Wasn't going to release this one since I put so much work into it figured why not.
This mod uses content from other authors namely a leather jacket, modified tank top and t-shirt from Jimmy Hopkins mod. I am also using suspenders from The last mod is using franklin's bandana mask made by .

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