Spider-Man Home-Made Suit 1.3



v1.3: Added configuration settings which are compatible to the latest spider-man script.
Remade the ped to fix the shaking issue (Thanks a lot Barak101 for giving me the suggestions of painting the vertex)
1. spec map and normal map now works
2. FIxed the no shadow bug.
3. Fixed the arm rigging

Since many people has requested me for the Spider-Man Homemade suit, I decided to convert the model from Marvel Future Fight
(The obj file is downloaded from this site: )

This model is converted by nsh3t please give me a credit if you are using it for video, thanks.

Installaion guidelines:
1. Use this mod to use PEDS as Add-Ons:
2. Download sollaholla's Spiderman mod (for the power):
3. Put the configuration setting files to scripts/Spider-Man Files /Profiles
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