Tights and stockings OVERHAUL (T&SO) 3.3



Check "Screens" folder for more screenshots. But all of the clothes included in on site screenshots

The developers completely screwed up most of the clothes without fixing anything, but at the same time their current model is lost somewhere in the new updates. Perhaps this is the problem. I haven't fixed anything or made any mods for quite some time. I recommend using MpClothes. Everything should be fine with him, you’ll figure it out if something happens. Somehow I had been planning to make an update for a long time, but it is still lying on the disk without use.

I never understood why this kind of underwear cannot be put on a female character in this game. In my opinion, this is a good addition to many costumes. This mod contains most of the shoes, skirts and some pants with support for tights / stockings. All tights and stockings are available in three colors. All changes in the models are not just a banal retexture, but a replacement for the specular texture. That is, water, hits, blood, etc. will affect this part of the clothing in a certain way. I plan to introduce a few more optional (and not only) models later. I hope you will like it.

Install instruction
A more simplified and clear instruction is in the folder in the archive. Also, for convenience, in the same folder there are pictures that display the name of the model and the model itself, so that you can see what you want to install.

If I post the instructions here, it will look ugly.

Change clothes via trainer:

Legs (optional)
Type > 89 - for jeans (from my prev mod)
Type > 92 - for "pants1"
Type > 91 - for "pants2"
Type > 134 - for "Jeans2"
Type > 2 - for "Pants3"
Type > 97 - for "AnotherJeans"
Type > 71 - for "Catpants"

Type > 9 - for tights
Type > 82 - for stockings
Type > 90 - for mini skirts
Type > 5 - for skirts
Type > 10 - for shorts
Type > 133 - for "AnotherMini"
Type > 100 - for "AnotherSkirts"

Type > 37 - for feet
Type > 10 - for slippers
Type > 1 - for sandals
Type > 72 - for ballete shoes
Type > 6 - for independence heels
Type > 7 - for "short" high heels (colors)
Type > 8 - for "short" high heels (patterns)
Type > 14 - for "long" high heels
Type > 44 - for "CHeels"
Type > 12 - for "NotMyHeels"
Type > 22 - for sharp high heels (colors)
Type > 43 - for sharp high heels (leopard)

Known issues / bugs:
- Feet have sound and footprints (in the sand, for example) of ordinary shoes
- Legs tattoos are not visible through tights / stockings
- If something doesn't work, let me know immediately. (I was too lazy to reinstall all this on a "clean" version game)

V3.3 changes:
- Added another type of pants ("CatPants")
- Added another type of high heels ("SharpHeels(clr)")
- Added another type of high heels ("SharpHeels(lprd)")
- Added another type of jeans ("AnotherJeans")
- Added new colors for mini skirts ("AnotherMini")
- Added new colors for skirts ("AnotherSkirts")

V3.2 changes:
- Added another type of pants

V3.1 changes:
- Adapted the 1 type of heels from ( to my mod, because I really liked them. I tried to contact the author of this mod through the forum, but he did not answer. I hope he will not be against this collaboration :)

V3.0 changes:
- Added another type of jeans
- Added tights
- Added shorts
- Added slippers
- Added sandals
- Added another type of high heels

V2.3 changes:
- Added two types of pants

V2.1 changes:
- Removed green tint on black color cloth
- Changed gray denim mini skirt to a plaid one
- Adjusting other textures

V2.0 changes:
- Big update with many clothing

V1.1 changes:
- Three textures of one skirt has been changed
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