Ryu Hayabusa! (Ninja Gaiden 2)


-To my fellow "Superhero and Superpowered / Popular Gaming Character" genre creators:

I Stand disappointed in all of you, I innovated and gave you Cloth, Metallic Chromatic Effects, The Emissive Alpha and other Never before seen creation styles. I took hiatus after "The ArchAngels of Los Santos" to give myself a break after changing the standard of creating on here, to give a Fighting Chance of not having to compete with my uploads... and you boys did 0?! NO SIGNIFICANT UPLOADS?! Well, Fair is fair, I gave you boys your time and you did NOTHING with it. I'm now returning, DO NOT! "Come back" just because you see that I'M back, YOU HAD SINCE August 05, 2019 TO FOLLOW UP, So Now? just as the beginning of January last year when I created the first cloth? It's MY time once more. Glad to be back.

Legendary Dragon Ninja Ryu Hayabusa decends from Mount Fuji to take contract assassinations Los Santos!!

For USE with NModds's Jumper mod: HERE!

Installation:(addonpeds method) 1.Install this 2.Place the "Ryu_Hayabusa" files from the "Ryu_Hayabusa_NG2" zip to update\x64\dlcpacks\addonpeds\dlc.rpf\peds.rpf 3.Open AddonPedsEditor.exe and add Ryu_Hayabusa in the list as STREAMED Male ped (check ReadMe for AddonPeds).
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