Realistic Vest Patches 1.2


This was originally only for one vest. Now it's for 2 of them! Possibly more to come :)

I made some cool new patches I thought I would share. Have fun 🙂

So my favorite vest is from @HANAKO . Link is down below if you don't already have it downloaded. The vest is #7 (Setup 2) in his download.


Duty Belt #1 Tom's Modifications 1.0.3 (#3 has no radio and no taser, which is perfect for this vest):

The names of the files have "_yellow" or "_white" or whatever color there is. So instead of deleting the end of the file name you can replace the file that is in there already.

I don't care what you do with my patches added on to these textures. Have fun, print them out and paste them on your walls for all I care.

My other post:

1.1: Made Sheriff thin blue line a little thicker 🙂

1.2: Textures now added for Vest #4 and Vest #7 (Setup 2)
Example Pictures:
It won't let me add anymore so I added it there.
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