Real French Police 'Gendarmerie' 2.1


This mod replace police by the french one: "La Gendarmerie". You don't need to be french for install this mod, I'm pretty sure you'll really love to kill some of them and that wil allow you to see the life in our pretty country. Without any "omellette au fromage" or "baguette", just gunfight with our police !

V.2.1 Gendarmerie
- Fix Armbands and Helicopters.
• Add Cars/Bike/Riot/Shériff's Cars
• Add Boat/Helicopters
• Cops/SWAT/Shérif/Snowcop/Highwaycop (+ bulletproof vests.)
• Add Female Cop/Shériff
• Add GIGN's vehicles (sheriff2/riot/maverik)
Help Needed
• A way to correctly paint the cars ?
• A way to edit fbi and fbi2 the .ytd I found don't give me the hand to the color or logo... there is not logo in the original so... ?

Make BACKUP of your files ! For modders who want to do the same, I let on the readme the emplacement and the name of the files you have to edit ! Dont forget to let proper credits if you like that.

Like this mod if you love it !

Thanks to PwN (For found cars skins)
Thanks to Olanov (For found females cops skins)
Thanks to Officercornish (For found maverick/predator skins)
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