Diverse Tattoo Pack V2


This mod adds in new head an neck tattoos, some of which are lore friendly, and some that I had fun designing. The themes of the tattoos range from tribal, Vagos, Ballas, Chinese, runes, Angels Of Death mc, Hoovers and more. These textures replace 11 of the Halloween face paints and as such are just one whole texture that wraps around the player character's head, allowing you to still put on tattoos of your choosing. This was made for MP characters only.

+ V2. Added new Johnny Gat neck tatts, Polynesian neck tatts, families tatts, art deco tatts and Lost MC neck tatts.

I have not run into any bugs with this since it is a mere texture mod, It is however unisex so when you replace the face paints you will do so for male and female characters.


This is the my first mod, so forgive me if it's a bit janky.
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