Nebula (Avengers Endgame) 1.1

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v1.1 update:
Added Nebula (Endgame) Suit
Added Nebula Orange plate option for Team Suit

Play as Nebula (Avengers Endgame) converted from marvel future fight!!!

Installation guideline:
1. Use all the .ydd, yft, ymt and yft files as Add on peds
Install the files as add-on ped. (Is Streamed = False)

How to play:
For the Nebula_AE You can change the accessories and torso to turn on and off the orange plate on the face and arm through trainers.
For the Team Suit, you can change the hair to turn on and off the orange plate through trainers.

Special Thanks to Nico3mus for activating my zm3 license this month.
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