Nachos Overhauled LSPD Peds [Add-On | Lore-Friendly] 1.0


This pack overhauls all exisisting LSPD Peds (Male, Female, Swat) and adds two new peds (Detective, Beta).

- Changes to the vanilla peds mainly include:
- Golden LSPD Badge
- Class B Uniforms instead of Class A Uniforms
- New Face Variations
- Some continuity between peds
- Updated equipment

The pack really speaks for itself and I dont wanna list all the stuff it adds, so just look at the screenshots or check them out ingame!

As always, donations are appreciated :^)



1. Start OpenIV.
2. Navigate to the mods folder
4. Move the provided folder (nflspd folder) inside:


5. Locate 'dlclist.xml':


6. Open it and add the following line to the bottom:


7. If done correctly, the mod should be ready to use.


Alex Ashfold - Various assets
Me - The rest

Feel free to modify these or add them to your server - just give credit.
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