Max Payne 3 All Appearances [Add-On] Pack3 1.0

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About the mod :
This is my first mod (also the hardest one) which includes all 14 chapters appearances from Max Payne3

The mod is separated to packs (Pack1,Pack2,Pack3)
Chapter1.ytd and Chapter2.ytd and Chapter3.ytd and Chapter4.ytd
Chapter1.ydd and Chapter2.ydd and Chapter3.ydd and Chapter4.ydd
Chapter1.yft and Chapter2.yft and Chapter3.yft and Chapter4.yft
Chapter1.ymt and Chapter2.ymt and Chapter3.ymt and Chapter4.ymt
Chapter5.ytd and Chapter6.ytd and Chapter7.ytd and Chapter8.ytd
Chapter5.ydd and Chapter6.ydd and Chapter7.ydd and Chapter8.ydd
Chapter5.yft and Chapter6.yft and Chapter7.yft and Chapter8.yft
Chapter5.ymt and Chapter6.ymt and Chapter7.ymt and Chapter8.ymt
Chapter9.ytd and Chapter10.ytd and Chapter11.ytd and Chapter12.ytd
Chapter9.ydd and Chapter10.ydd and Chapter11.ydd and Chapter12.ydd
Chapter9.yft and Chapter10.yft and Chapter11.yft and Chapter12.yft
Chapter9.ymt and Chapter10.ymt and Chapter11.ymt and Chapter12.ymt
Chapter13.ytd and Chapter14.ytd
Chapter13.ydd and Chapter14.ydd
Chapter13.yft and Chapter14.yft
Chapter13.ymt and Chapter14.ymt

This mod requires :

Add-on Peds mod here

Tools required :


Installation :

Use (Openiv) and make sure to check "Edit Mode" then open (dlc.rpf)
then (Peds.rpf) In addonpeds folder
then Add

All Rights reserved to their owners

By (Thedrivercat)

Please don't reupload my mod without my permission

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