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For menyoo join the server:
Now Avail for menyoo download it off my server head over to the grand theft auto items catagory and look for the menyoo-models channel ...... Read why I choose to do it this way.

Hi I've been receiving tons of messages of users asking me to please perform with working on characters for menyoo etc..... I guess most would prefer that "hear me out" since there's been a huge crisis going on in real life at the moment I no longer have the time to make 2 versions of the up coming models at once therefore The Skin Control Models will be uploaded to GTA 5 and the Menyoo models will be uploaded to my discord server separately in the #Menyoo-Models Channel.

My Server : Discord:

For those that are wondering why I choose to do this it's because I by default use skin control to create the models there 1st since it's a lot easier for me, I then save the model to Menyoo re-apply the model and modify the face by figuring it out the Id's of each facial particle to make sure it turns out the same exact form as the Character I created in SkinControl " Sigh Takes up a lot of my time "

That's why I chose to do it separately instead. I hope you guys understand!

"Note I cannot upload these files to GTA 5 Mods since I am not the owner"
I instead uploaded SknCtrl to Dropbox and it's also avail in my Discord server along with it's instructions
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