Infinity Gauntlet For ALL!!! 1.2


An Update to nsh3t's Version, I've Added my Highly Detailed INFINITY GAUNTLET, Enjoy. :)

1.2: Removed The Backface culling INSIDE the Gauntlet

Installation:(addonprops method)
1.Install this
2.Place the TWO files from the "Uru_Gauntlet" archive to \Mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\addonprops\dlc.rpf\props.rpf\
3.Open Props Editor.exe and add "uru_gauntlet" model in the list as External Textures and LOD 500.0 (check ReadMe for AddonProps).

4. Place the "suit_Uru_Gauntlet" file in \Scripts\Thanos script files\Suits

-To Whom It May Concern:

"TheSpeedForce" was a mask, I will wear it No Longer. After a Strong reminder of who i truly am, I've decided. Now, I reveal to you all my True face, I Am Pain Fuuma, a.k.a TheFuumaSage I am not from your "GTA V Modding" lands, I Come from the land of, Where I was the top 3D Character creator, Jutsu creator and Weapons Smith for Naruto and other Anime. Now that I'm here, as you all know by now, I LIKE IT HERE, So NOW, I am YOUR Sage of Creation, I Master all arts that I choose to take interest in, Eventually bringing never before seen paths and techniques to the table, if your models are not up to Par, and it's a model I seek justice for, Yours WILL be STEAMROLLED by my updated version, Patreon is not meant for us Ped Creators, We are all pirates. Peace.
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