Blue Hulk [1.2] [Addon] 1.2 The Bloody Version


This is a really cool model I made and im still going to be updating it so please be patient

You can use this with your hulk mod just replace it with your hulk model and youll have it

1. Buy the hulk mod for 1 dollor i think
2. Once you bought it you will just wait for the other instructions
3.You install script hook v dot net and script hook v
4. Then you drag you hulk script into your scripts folder
5.Once you did that download native ui
6. then once you installed you hulk mod you just install the blue hulk skin
7.Once you install hulk skin just replace it or just use addon peds
8. Then once you installed or replaced you addon just open up your hulk mod
ctrl n And set the model you named your hulk

THATS IT :D Heres a video\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
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