Forum Gangsters Retexture Blue


All of the Forum Gangster Families wear blue-
2 Dark blue and 1 baby blue windbreaker-
Blue rimmed sunglasses-
Blue laces/designs on sneakers-
2 Dark blue hats and 1 baby blue hat-
Left the beaters and black shoes alone-

BACKUP files included in case you fuck something up-

KNOWN BUGS: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have found that I can only have ONE retexture mod installed at a time. If I install 2 of them I get a zib error crash. So if someone knows a workaround, let me know please. Otherwise, only use one of my gang retextures at a time or you will crash. (The clothes and hats together are one complete mod)

Change log-

v1.0 - release

Note: This isn't a Crip mod, just wanted to make the FG's different from the other Families sets for fun. No real life counterpart arguments please.

PS: I would get rid of their bitch ass windbreakers but I don't know how lol.
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