[EUP] SAST Vest Pack [SP / FIVEM] 1.1.0




In this EUP Vest Pack ([EUP] SAST Vest Pack) you will find 6 different vests with textures that are based on the SAST (San Andreas State Highway Patrol/Trooper Department). Some with K9 vests, some with tan, and all with black versions. More types to come in following updates!


This mod supports FiveM and Singleplayer versions.


The vests can be used in FiveM servers, fivem freeroam, etc.

The vests can be used in LSPDFR, FivePD, etc.


These eup vest models were created by Hannako and were re-textured by myself to fit the theme of SAST.




Patrol Vest

Patrol K9 - Unit Vest

2nd Patrol Vest

2nd Patrol Vest Tan Version

3rd Patrol Vest

SWAT vest

2nd SWAT Vest






For FiveM simply install Hannakos vest pack into your servers recourse folder, then make the files fivem ready. After doing so drag all the files from Fivem/stream folder into your recourses stream folder. Then rename mp_m_freemode_01^task_diff_000.ydd to mp_m_freemode_01^task_diff_003.ydd. Restart your server. Enjoy.




For singleplayer you will need any eup version installed and hannkos vest pack installed. In the packs files you will find files called mp_m_freemode_01_(patchday). Simply drag all the folders into mods/update/x64/dlcpacks/eup/eup_componentpeds.rpf. Enjoy.




If you like this package and would want it customized to say something different or have completely custom Civ, LEO, or any other eup customized just visit my Fiverr page:

On my fiverr your able to custom order eup for leo/police, civilian, etc

You can also custom order packs of addon civilian vehicles

You can also custom order map replacements




To use this mod for singleplayer or fivem you need to have:

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