Dansk politijakke / Danish police jacket 2022 woman edition 1.0

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1. Thank you for downloading this file.

2. In the package you will find two folders. One is called "Jakker" the other "Vest".

3. In the "Jakker" folder you will find two subfolders. One is called something with "sum" and the other "mplts".

Two jackets have been added to the sum folder. Both are pretty much the same, but one is the sleeves rolled up.
In my opinion, these jackets are the ones that can best look like the uniforms of the Danish police based on vanilla GTA 5 jackets.
Maybe there are better versions or some jackets you have designed yourself.

In the mplts folder there is a motorcycle jacket, which in my opinion is a know better and is suitable for the vanilla model from Rockstar.

Anyway, you can check out the pictures and assess whether it's something you want to have in your GTA 5 folder or not.

People asked for body armor that I have made for the male version of the police officer. So it also attached here to female police officers.
In the "Vest" folder you will find two subfolders. One is called something with "freemode01" and the other "mplts".
Both contain body armor... But in different sizes to fit most of the clothes you wear, but not all...

4. A black jacket with yellow police markings on the sleeves is included. Such a person has been spotted at Fyn police.

5. Should not be necessary to write... But remember that you must not edit in the files and upload as if it was you who made it.
However, you are welcome to edit a bit for your own consumption and if you have made a big nice change, write to me and we will find out something. :)

6. If you've a YouTuber, feel free to make videos with these jackets. :)

best regards

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