Da Nang Boys [San Andreas] 2.0


Ah yes, the Da Nang Boys. A San Fierro-based Vietnamese criminal organization that has recently expanded their operations down south to the city of Los Santos. They're known to be extremely violent, with major interests in protection, narcotics and human trafficking. Currently at war with local Chinese ("Triads") & South Korean ("Kkangpae") gangs of Little Seoul.

Real life influences for this gang would be Born To Kill & Asian Boyz, some of the clothing was also lightly inspired on the ones worn by members of these gangs.

The DNB replaces two peds of the Korean mob, also including their original voice lines from San Andreas.

Installation is in the readme.

1.0 - Initial Release
1.1 - Texture improvements, new props & clothing.
2.0 - Texture improvements, fixed a bug that made the gang members reuse voices from random pedestrians, new voice files, new props & new ped model.
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