Catarina Curvy Girl [Add-On Ped] 1.0


This is another ped I made for my personal use and no longer need, so thought I'd share too.

Catarina is supposed to be an 18 year old girl fresh into criminal life, so she comes with:

- Two Hairstyles
- Two tops
- Two bottoms
- Barefeet & Sneakers
- Mask

All interchangable.

(You can also take off alll the clothes and there will be a full naked body beneath. Just be mindful of where and when you take her clothes off, as some servers have minors and I do not wish for this ped to be used in that way.)

---- KNOWN BUGS ---

Due to the hair texture being in alpha, it will be see-through under certain lighting conditions at night;



Place the whole FIVEM folder within your server's RESOURCES folder, rename it to "LIANA_YAdultCatarinaHype" and add "ensure LIANA_YAdultCatarinaHype" on your server.cfg file. To set the ped to a particular person, you need to have a skin shop script, but the usual command for that is "/skin ID "nameofskin"


Requirements: AddonPeds by Meth0d

- Using OpenIV, put all files into GTAV>mods>update>x64>dlcpacks>addonpeds>dlc.rpf>peds.rpf
- Run AddonPeds (Run as admin)
- Click "New Ped" input the name "LIANA_YAdultCatarinaHype"
- Set Ped Type to "Female" and Is streamed "False".
- press REBUILD.
- Done!


3d model put together by me using base game assets from The Sims 4 and:

Hairstyles - Nightcrawler
Bottoms - BabyTears
Tops - Bellaloalure and Sims 4 base game
Shoes - Necrodog (barefoot) and BergdorfVerse
Mask - GTA V
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