Banana Suit v2.0


This mod is the Banana Suit mod, what it adds is pretty much explained by the title
In this mod you can play as someone dressed as a giant banana xD.

Change Log

- Improved and more smooth models
- Better textures


The SuitAlwaysOn.cs is a modified version of the MaskAlwaysOn.cs by Pandassaurus, Proudnoob and f0rest, I did not create the original script!


Using OpenIV, replace "prop_mp_repair.ydr, prop_mp_repair_01.ydr and prop_proxy_hat_01" by going to:
and importing my model.

NOTE: YOU NEED TO HAVE SCRIPTHOOKV.NET INSTALLED (If you don't have that, get it here:

Then drag the "maskalwayson.cs" into your "Grand Theft Auto V/Scripts" folder.

How to use:

Just simply press 7 on the numpad!

Suit made by me

MaskAlwaysOn.cs by Pandassaurus, Proudnoob and f0rest.
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