Vietnam Police CSGT Ford Focus Livery

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I wanted more Vietnamese police cars so here is a livery!
ytd only.

-I'm not the creator of this mod. I made the Vietnam livery.
-You need to download the model here:

Model Uploader:

Credits given on the model download page:
Model purchased: Jason Olsen and Bleep999
Dashboard model purchased: Bleep999
Model Textures: Bleep999
Model Conversion to IV: Bleep999
Convert to V: Bleep999
Massive Help Fixing issues: BritishGamer88/BPM
Default Siren Mapping: Bleep999
Model Tempating: Bleep999
Model Fixes: Bleep999
Wheel: Kieran Chandler
Lightbar: Kieran Chandler
Lightbar convert to V: Bleep999
Lightbar Textures: Matthew Cammack with edits by Bleep999
Wheelen TIR3: Bleep999
Wheelen TIR3 Textures: Bleep999
Lightbar Mount: Bleep999
MDT: Bleep999
Siren Control Box: Bleep999
Siren Control Texture: Bleep999
Siren Control Photo: ViperUK
Antennas: ObsidianGames
Fire Extinguisher: Rockstar Games
Partition: Bleep999
Skin: GBull
Window Textures: GBull
Handling: JakeH
Number Plates: Bleep999

I will be using a different program that lets me make higher quality liveries/designs soon! Please leave any suggestions, recommendations, and advice/constructive criticism.

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