Sultan RSV8 MK2 Livery Invetero Racing 1.0


----------------------- Info -----------------
Livery created by CRIXU for the Sultan RSV8 MK2 from Ydrop.

--------------------- Credits ---------------
Ydrop: Sultan RSV8 MK2: Link

------------------ Installation ------------------
2.Open OpenIV and browse to dlc.rpf\x64\vehiclemods\sultanrsv82_mods.rpf\ and add rsv8_livery12.yft with the file presented in the downloaded folder.
3.If you have an questions feel free to contact me.
4.Make sure to add the livery and set it up in the carcols.meta :)

-----------------PLEASE READ------------
The Livery is free to use in Singleplayer, if you want to use it in your Multiplayer server, ask me for permission first.
The livery is exclusively on GTA5 Mods only.
Reuploading on different party websites/organization is NOT allowed.
Editing the file/livery is not allowed without permission from me.
Make sure to credit Ydrop for the beautifull Sultan RSV8 MK2!

Make sure to join my Discord to keep in touch with my latest works!
Please if you like my work and want to support me, considering donating to help, thank you!

*************Bugs and features************
None as of yet, testing phase.

V.1.0 Livery added to GTA5mods.
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