Retro Rockford Hills Police Liveries 1.1

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These are a couple Rockford Hills Police Liveries i made for 80's/90's cars. They are pretty simple.

They work withe the following cars : Vapid Stanier, Declasse Premier Classic; Vapid Stanier STD; Declasse Yosemite Classic; Canis Seminole Frontier.

Using Open IV (make sure Edit Mode is on) open the ytd file of a certain car. Select the livery you want to replace and click on it and select replace then find the liveries you downloaded and select the proper one. If you don't want to replace any of them, then change the digit in the name of the file so that it is "the digit of the last livery in the ytd file + 1" (so if it's 8 then yours should be 9)

Design: AlexanderLB
Liveries: Bouncealot

Fenton; Aquamenti

-Links to cars:
Stanier (most of the staniers work but i use this one):
Premier Classic:

-Also use this:

If you wanna use the liveries in you work credit the ppl involved please.
Also if you got an idea for liveries for a department write in the comments.
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