Norwegian Police Mercedes Benz Vito Tourer Fictional Livery (Williskva) 0.5

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A 2017 fictional retexture of Norwegian police vehicle marking in the same style as my other skin; (model by enoklaassen)

The model the retexture is based off:
-Download the vehicle to apply this skin!

Thanks to heuuu for this remarkable model.

Notice; the licence plates are original to the model, meaning they have not been changed for the purpose of taking pictures. Those beutiful textures are the work of heuuu.

This skin is a retexture of real norwegian police vehicle textures. Added a dash of blue as blue lights in-game can reflect off the vehicle, giving the impression of reflective marking, like in real life. There are e few improvements and also a few details you normally would not see in Norway when it comes to the marking of the vehicles (looking away from the colors ofc). But hey, creativity is bliss. And yes, all my pictures are taken in the development phase, so the plates are for now unchanged and will remain so as I really like the original plates. They however, are not included here.

There are a few glitches that I will continue to work further on. However at the moment I wanted to upload this to the community asap.

Please read the supplied readme inside the archive.

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