An-225 Retexture (with and without Buran)

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This is a small texture pack providing a choice of four different realistic liveries for SkylineGTRFreak's Antonov 225 Mryia.

Link to the mod :

It works on both versions, with and without the space shuttle Buran.

The four liveries are following the history of the plane :

- The original 80's USSR livery, seen with the Buran shuttle.
- The Ukrainian "Red Stripe" livery (Just after the Soviet Union collapsed)
- The "Blue Stripe" livery wich followed until the early 2000's (my personal favorite)
- The current livery, with many inaccuracies corrected.

I based myself on pictures, documents and blueprints of the many stages of the An-225 to deliver the most accurate liveries as possible.

Installation instructions included in the archive.
Enjoy !
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