Leclerc S2 "Autun" [Livery] 1.0

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No 6024-6054, 2nd Cuirassier Regiment, 2nd Armored Brigade, Army, Orleans, September 2004. Historical two tone desert camouflage scheme for the S2

in order to install you need:
Open IV

Next you need to open the file in OpenIV.
in order to do that u drag the leclercs2 folder into OpenIV and go this path -
leclercs2 >dlc.rpf >x64 >levels >gta5 >vehicles.rpf
inside the vehicle.rpf folder you will find YTD file which you delete and move the new YTD file you downloaded.
After that u can check if livery was applied by opening leclercs2.yft


Vehicle - SkylineGTRFreak
Livery - ItssLuBu
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