LE Livery Pack for Nacho's Bravado Buffalo SX Enforcer 1.2


Hello, this is my first ever release.
I'm presenting to you my five LE liveries for Nacho's Bravado Buffalo SX that I made in the past days.
I'm not a lore-friendly modder, but I really like the new Buffalo, so it is what it is.

So! What do we have here?

-Los Santos Police Department Livery
-Los Santos County Sheriff's Department Livery
-Blaine County Sheriff's Office Livery
-North Yankton State Police Livery
-Vice City Police Department Livery

There are some bugs, but they are not very noticable. I'm planning on fixing them in the future.

Fixed issue with LSPD logo being higher on the left side than on the right side.
Deleted SAHP Livery as there already is an SAHP Buffalo SX out in the site

How to install?

It's just replacing textures in OpenIV.
You need Nacho's Bravado Buffalo SX ===>
After installing it,(Through OpenIV) go to mods > update > x64 > dlcpacks > buf4pol > dlc.rpf > x64 > vehicles.rpf
Then open buffalo5pol.ytd, find buffalo4_sign_1, press "Replace" and select one of the liveries.

It's so simple, but I want to make it clear for literally everyone.

Feel free to edit and upload the liveries, do whatever you actually want.

Thanks again to Nacho for his amazing vehicle!

Let me know if I forgot about something, please.

Bye bye and hope to see you again.
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