Finland, Helsinki Fire Department DAF LF


- Helsinki´s Fire Department DAF LF -

Special thanks to BritishGamer88, and other credited people for making this awesome mod! ;)

- Credits -

-Poly's Lowered - Tim
-GTAIV Author - BritishGamer88n
-Edited Futher For IV - BritishGamer88
-Converted over to GTAV - BritishGamer88
-Texture's/Material's - BritishGamer88
-Template - BritishGamer88
-Lightbar - Tim
-Grill Lights - Rockstar Games
-Oleg - for continuious help to get the model working ingame!!
-Finnish firetruck Skin and numberplates - Nalluxa
-Wheel's - Tim
-Fire Equipment - 3Dwarehouse
-First Aid Med Bag - Sergiyj
-Cone/Tape - 3Dwarehouse

Nalluxa is not responsible for any damage that may be caused to your PC or game
directory during a) the installation b) usage or c) removal of this mod. You are responsible for backing up your files!

Don't redistribute without Nalluxa´s permission.

Don't edit any file and redistribute it without Nalluxa´s permission.

Don´t upload this to any sites without Nalluxa´s permission!!

Don´t edit any textures or re-use them without Nalluxa´s permission!

Please donate to BritishGamer88, it help's him out with new model's!.

- Features -
-Lights Work
-Working Gauges
-Breakable Glass

- In Next Version -
-Door Interior

- How to install -

>>> GTAV/Mods/Update/X64/dlcpacks/patchday3ng/dlc/X64/levels/gta5/vehicles.rpf
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