F-15J: JASDF "Maverick" Livery 1.3

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-Update 1.2-
・Adjusted coloring/camo slightly.
・Added F-15J version in the same archive as it was still WIP at the time of release.

-Update 1.3-
・Changed filename for the J Eagle from f15j_sign_x to f15_sign_x to avoid confusion.

F-15J 2022 Komatsu Air Festival: "Maverick"

The Mitsubishi Heavy Industries F-15J is a licenced produced version of the McDonnell Douglas F-15C Eagle.
213 total were built, 14 in St.Louis, Missouri, the rest at Komaki. (Nagoya Airport)
Introduced on December 7th 1981, it replaced the aging F-4EJ Kai and RF-4E Phantoms of the JASDF.
In September 2022 at Komatsu Air Festival, One of these aircraft was unveiled wearing the same livery as Maverick's F/A-18E Super Hornet, with the Top Gun emblem replaced with the golden eagle of the 306th Tactical Fighter Squadron.

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