Lenco Bearcat LSPD Skin 0.1

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This is just a sign_1.png, because I do not have the permissions to upload any file from the original model.

Just replace the riot.ytd and yft files in OpenIV from the original model.
(Link below)

Then open the riot.ytd (texture file) search for the bearcat_sign_1 and replace it with my file.

It is just a start, there will be a better version out shortly!

Link & Credits:

Link to original model:

Credits for the model:
Lenco Variation is my Cosmo Rockstar - Riot van interior and textures EA - Swat Van exterior Cosmo - Conversion, extensive modification,
uv mapping, etc Yard1 - Vehiclelayouts.meta Sgt. Kanyo - Handling line from GTA IV Bearcat
Window Guard is from the Cargo Partition Pack by Vertex3D and converted to GTA V and edited a lot by t0y so it isnt a partition anymore :)
Antenna Whip by Gump
Antenna Fig Pack by Vertex3D converted to GTA V by t0y
Whelen Justice Modeled and Coverted to GTA V by GTAxB0SS Textures by GTAxB0SS
ALPRs are by MrPotato textures by BxBugs123
All put together by t0y

NOTE: I do not have to post these credits, I just do it, because I really respect the work that people put into making great content for the GTA V Modding world!
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