Boeing 747-400 British Airways Utopia Pack 1.0

C1f193 water dreaming
C1f193 martha masanabo
C1f193 animals trees
C1f193 chelsea rose
C1f193 cockerel lowicz
C1f193 delftblue daybreak
C1f193 wings qantas


In 1997, a new set of liveries were unveiled by British Airways, to replace the previous Landor Associates Livery used since the 1980's. These liveries were quite ambitious, and nicknamed 'World Tails' for the numerous designs used on the tailfins of BA's aircraft, aimed at representing different countries and destinations on the route network. Internally, these liveries were referred to by BA as 'Ethnic' liveries, or 'Utopia' liveries.

Unfortunately, it wasn't especially popular among the public, who preferred the previous Landor livery - even former Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, famously covered the tailfin of a Boeing 747-400 model wearing the 'Animals and Trees' livery with a napkin! All the liveries were eventually retired by 2006, save for the Royal Chatham Dockyard livery, which is now the default livery for BA's entire fleet, and has generally been received much better.

This livery pack includes six Utopia liveries used on the 747-400 by BA, plus an extra livery from Qantas, which briefly wore the Wings livery on a 747 leased to them by BA from 2000 - 2003.

Here are the liveries included in this pack!
* England - Chelsea Rose (G-BYGA)
* Poland - Kogutki Lowickie (G-BNLT)
* The Netherlands - Delftblue Daybreak (G-BNLD)
* Botswana - Animals and Trees (G-BNLZ)
* Australia - Water Dreaming (G-BNLK)
* South Africa - Martha Ndebele (G-BNLJ)
* Denmark - Wings (Qantas) (VH-NLH)

You will need to download Skyline's original 747-400 mod before you can install this, as this is just the ytd file you need to replace the original with.

Instructions are included in the readme file.
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