BMW E60 M5 Hamann Sidhu Moosewala Livery + Light Up Emblems (SP + Fivem) 1.0


BMW E60 M5 Hamann Sidhu Moosewala Livery for Moosetape -
This is just a livery for the car!
The windows also have a livery as well as the car, the front and rear BMW emblem signs light up as well.
s/o to all the Punjabis!
Sidhu Moosewala - Iconic Punjabi ( Indian) singer
Original Car Mod - (car mod by cookierich)

how to install:
1) download and extract the zip
2) Use open iv select the car folder and go to mods -> update/x64/dlcpacks/cookie60 dlc.rpf/x64/vechicle.rpf/cookie60.ytd and replace cook sign 1( you can pick 1 or 2) with the car livery, cookie with the windows livery and playboy for the emblems
3) Done
this download will only come with the liveries for the car, windows and emblems. (not the car)
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