Airbus House Colors NEO (A320neo) 1.0

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Finally my first perfectly texture of a livery for the A320neo. It took me 3 hours to do today. I had some issues as I was making it but there it is...finally a perfectly made texture. It was like solving one of this rubix's cube thing' which I solved in...
3 days. What a coincidence isn't it. Anyways, I hope you like this livery. Now I'm able to do any livery I want. Once I know texturing the A320 and A320neo well, I get into another aircraft. Enjoy!

You will need this:

PS: Any request of a livery for any aircraft (which exists in real life) will be accepted. I might try to do fictional liveries but I prefer real ones. Also, every time I upload a livery, I will come up with the next livery in the description so you don't struggle what will be next :>

Next liveries:
Idea - Condor
Requested - Air rescue, 9M-XXB livery
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