E450 Ambulance Pack (NYC) [4K] 1.0.0

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Hi guys... So I have been working on this for a few days. It is a pack for the E450 Ambulance by PimDSLR. The liveries are based on NYC-area
ambulances/hospitals including NYU, St. Luke’s, Mt. Siani, New York Presbytarian, and Beth Israel. Although these are based on NYC, they are Lore-Friendly, they have SA license plates, and NYP was changed to LSPresbytarian. The only one with NY in it is the NYU ambulance because “LSU” is already an IRL school and the actual university in LS is San Andreas University which wouldn’t be NYU’s in-game counterpart.
Anyways thanks for downloading and I hope you enjoy :)

PIMDSLR E450 Ambulance

Mount Siani Logo - Mount Siani Roosevelt Hospital
Beth Israel Logo - t0y made by scratch
NYU Lutheran Logo - NYU Langone, Lutheran Hospital
St. Luke’s Logo - t0y
Los Santos Presbytarian logo - t0y
Liveries - t0y
Screenshots - t0y
t0y - t0y
American Flag - Betsy Ross
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