Wanted Level Density 1.6

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This Mod Allows More Cops Units To Spawn & Join The Action, It Increases The Amount Of Unites During The Wanted Level To Try & Kill The Payer. If You Have 1, 2 Or 3 Stars It Is Just Basic Just Like The Normal original Vanilla Version However 4 & 5 Stars Is The Amount That More Units Spawn, If You Just Want To Have A Battle With Cops & To See How Much The Kill You Get This Is The Mod For You.


Requires Open IV

Mod / Update / Update.rpf / Common / Data / Drag & Drop It

Note: The More Unites & Cops That Spawn The FPS Will Drop So Keep That In Mind.

Thank All So Much For Downloading & I Hope You All Enjoy The Rest Of You Day Feel Free To leave A Comment If Any Question?


- It Is The Old version If You Don't Like The New Current Version Feel Free To use This Version

- This New Version Is Basically The Same But Have Added More Units Increased.


The New Version Would Crash The Game If the Max Units Are Spawned So To Prevent It You Must Either Keep Killing The Current Cops Or Just turn Off The Wanted Level & The Game Would Still Continue Normal The Game Has Itz Limits & The More Their Spawn The More Times The Game Will Crash. But Don't Worry Ill Reedit The Dispatch File & Make It Work To Get A Better Experience.

Update Catalog:

- This Version Decreases The Amount Of Units From The Last Version But With A Few Twists So It Should Prevent The Game From Crashing Spawning More Units From the Limit

- This Version Is Similar To 1.1 Version But The Dispatch Data & Distance Order Has been Change So It Is The Same As The Original Vanilla Version But Has A Few Changes Just Like 1.1 Version

- Similar To Version 1.3 But Added The Police Buffalo & Vapid Stanier To The Land Chase Also Added The FIB Buffalo Road Block & The Normal Buzzard For The Air Patrol Units

- Changes & Improvements To Version 1.5 But Added The Instructions Txt Not On How To Adjust The Numbers & Added The Original Vanilla Version

- Hotfix & Improvements To Version 1.5
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