Vinewood Walk of Fame Redux 1.01


I know this has been done by danimeza00 before, but by the time I found out about it, I was in the middle of making my own. Also, my version comprises a mix of real-world celebrities who are in the WoF (particularly old-time radio, Golden Era and a bunch of contemporary actors and actresses), prominent YouTubers and a few fictional/joke entries.

There are some bugs though, particularly with placement i.e. misaligned names and category plaques, but that has something to do with R* going shoddy on this one, not to mention a rather sloppy UV mapping error on part of the sidewalk near one of the stars.

I've also attached the source PSD files in case you feel like putting you or your friends' names on it, or perhaps if you feel like there's something I missed in the WoF.

*Removed redundant "Jennifer Lawrence" entry and replaced it with "Living A Dolls Life"

*Initial release

Back up x64j.rpf first, then fire up OpenIV. Open the aforementioned archive while in edit mode, then go to levels\gta5\_citye\hollywood_01\hw1_rd.rpf. Now replace all the hw1_rd_starsX.ydr (where X stands for 1 to 5) files with the ones provided, then rebuild both hw1_rd.rpf and x64j.rpf. Make sure to start the game using -scOfflineOnly - otherwise you'd end up with the game re-downloading the original files.

Oh and I am not responsible for any Social Club bans resulting from this. Make sure to have your original assets handy when playing Online! Also, I intended this to work with Neodymium's Mod Loader, but for some reason it just doesn't load up at all. The package.config file's still present just in case though.

Special thanks to my pals Brian, Faiz, KakashiBallZ, Mary Howard, the guys at American Girl Adult Collectors, Andy Vandijck, and to the lads and lasses at A Star for Baby Peggy for making this mod possible.
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