Vanilla Expanded: Dispatch, Gang and Action 5.1.2



VE:DGA is a mod that enhances Grand Theft Auto V's dispatch, gang and action using modified vanilla assets. It's a mod for GTA V that we made in 2021 for fun.

VE:DGA Discord Server:

To install the mod, install the requirements first which are: HeapAdjuster, Packfile Limit Adjuster and any updated Gameconfig, then use the OIV installer. Make sure to switch your DirectX version to DirectX 11 so in that case there would be no weird textures.

-Simple Trainer (To avoid DLC and addon vehicles from disappearing)
-Open All Interiors (For fully functional scenarios)
-PEV: DT SWAT Interior Fix (To avoid "DT SWAT" AI to be numb)


-A new challenging wanted system
-Law enforcement will improve their loadouts and equipment as your wanted level increases, expect to see snipers and juggernauts at 5 stars
-Law enforcement AI is improved, so fighting cops is slightly harder than vanilla
-New jurisdictions (SAHP, MW, USCG, MW-Humane Labs)
-Reworked law enforcement related ambience
-Shooting a cop doesn't give you 3 stars immediately, doesn't apply on ambient cops
-Variety of vehicles and peds

-Each gang has a unique loadout
-Gang combat AI is improved, you can expect seeing gangsters carry their fallen homies to safety
-Gangsters has new apparel
-Their bravery towards law enforcement is slightly increased
-Unused gang peds spawns naturally adding variety

-Melee AI is improved, there is a 75 percent chance peds will fight back
-Knocking out NPCs doesn't kill them instantly and their props wouldn't fall
-Law enforcement has a new tactical shooting style (beware of mods that changes weaponanimations.meta)
-Michael and model switching to law enforcement will hold guns more professionally such as them using NPC cover animations or holding LMGs properly
-Showing your weapon to the public will alert the police (experimental)

-DLC vehicles spawn in traffic
-Improved few vanilla civilian vehicles
-New civilian peds and vehicles

Vanilla Expansion Team:

-AlexanderLB: Taco liveries
-cpast: combat tweaks script
-Franksteer: Help with ped modelling
-PEV Team: Help with AI and zonebind (jurisdictions)
-that pitbull: Help with pedpersonality.ymt, events.meta and occassionally giving ideas
-umbracatervae: Occassionally giving helpful ideas

Special thanks to Lux3321 and yelyahbroncco for helping with the development of past versions.

5.1.2 (current):
-Fixed broken (not corrupted) gang scenarios
-Fixed broken pants for ballasout, famdnf and mexboss01
-Fixed families shooting at the player for no reason
-Fixed OG boss wielding a weapon while walking on a side walk
-New Lost MC scenarios (Vans are now used)
-Reduced the amount of cops spawning at Mission Row Police Station
-Relationships for Aztecas, Fooliganz and Madrazo

-Fixed more bugs
-Gang ped models are improved once again with more variety!
-Helicopter explosion sound that keeps happening in downtown LS is gone.
-Snipers no longer respond as main responders due to an unfixable bug (but they still spawn at roadblocks)

-5 stars is much more diverse unlike 4.0 (altho tactical cops and fib agents are removed)
-Added a bunch of new peds and vehicles, each star will have different vehicles in each category
-Diverse gang presence/Extended gang territories
-Dynamic combat AI, different peds will have distinguish combat behaviors
-Improved pursuit AI, the police will no longer ram you and they will crash less often
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