TrainerV Support for PANICO TOTAL's mods 1.0 [NOT UPDATES]

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This is a Simple Trainer (TrainerV) Support for ALL mods addons from PANICO TOTAL.In its mods, there are supports for the mod "Add-on-car-spawner-menu", so, me I do for the Simple Trainer.

It brings together in one:

-War pack 3.0, Brazilian Air Force Pack 1.0, Civil Aircraft Pack 3.1

-Military Aircraft Pack 3.0, Military Helicopters Pack 2.1, Armored Vehicles Pack 3.1, Air Support Pack 1.1, Support Navy Pack 1.1, MH-X Ghost Hawk 1.0



Not update.



Simple Trainer from sjaak327:



1- Download all mods from PANICO TOTAL ! (War pack 3.0+Brazilian Air Force Pack 1.0+Civil Aircraft Pack 3.1)

2- Replace "trainerv.ini", provide in my archive, in the directory "Grand Theft Auto V" (where you have install the trainer)

3- Ingame open "Simple Trainer" (F3/F4), in the menu, navigate (with numeric keypad) and click "Vehicle Spawning",then "Added Vehicles Menu" down. You will have a menu of 4 pages. I advise you to look at pictures for more details.



-6 pictures
-1 Readme
-and there are 2 versions: with Brazilian Air Force Pack or no Brazilian Air Force Pack



-Trainer Support for ALL mods addons from PANICO TOTAL by Roge


OTHER MODS by me/Roge:

Icons ASP Batons 0.5:
Icons for Jridah's weapons 1.3:



[Sorry for my bad english]

Thank you for download my mod :)

Any bug or problems ?
You can report in comments (I can speak english and french)
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