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Those missions are NOT based on the actual Transporter movies or any series. It only inspired by the idea of professional working for wealthy organizations. You can also find references on several famous action movies in some of the mission, so you can just call it a mashup.

You are the professional doing high risk jobs for criminal organizations. Missions will feature a lot of driving around, and I mean A LOT (you've been warned), cop chases, shootouts and etc. It will start up easy and as you go will increase in difficulty and action both, so it is very important to have favorite upgraded car to survive and complete missions successfully. Also all missions are connected into story that unfolds as you go forward. It is highly advisable to read description before you play the mission to have better idea about story and clarify your objectives. It also has required weapon hints which better not to miss.

There are 30 missions in the pack.

Playable by Michael and Franklin or any custom ped replacing them. Some missions would be unplayable for Trevor because you need free access to the airport. It doesn't continue or follow Story Mode but having Story finished would be better.

There are two major criminal organization trying to establish their foothold in Los Santos - Colombian Cartel and European Syndicate. You are contacted by The Cartel and begin to work with them.

Mission tips:
- First and foremost - get yourself fully upgraded car that you like the most. Speed is not mandatory, mainly it should be very comfortable for you to drive, so muscles or SUV/Off-Roads are fair game. Sometime car mass can be more important than speed and maneuverability, but don't get me wrong, you don't need tank, seriously.
- Have your car fully repaired and in good shape before every mission.
- Don't hesitate to visit Ammunation during missions if you took some damage. Attacking enemies with low health and no armor will get you killed real fast.
- Best way is to play missions consequently, this way you won't miss out on the plot and have smoother difficulty increase.
- Follow objectives. If you haven't been told to lose cops, you shouldn't. If you haven't been told to kill everybody, you shouldn't do this as well, but ultimate choice is up to you. Though following objectives will usually be faster and easier way to complete a mission.
- Don't go head on into your enemy, it's a good way to get killed. Most enemies are very accurate and pretty tough unless you shoot in the head. In most, especially hard encounters, there are always alternative ways to go about it, search for them, explore the area, think for the best tactical approach when you're alone.
- Sometimes objective text is not too straight forward. It's on purpose, try to understand what you should do and mainly use your head, think what would you do in given circumstances. I tried to make text as close to conversation as possible to retain some sort of immersion.
- In case you don't know, when you're in Cargobob, you can drop hook by pressing E key.

In case you are stuck or obviously something weird is happening, or you just want to restart a mission, press H key to open BAM menu > click Edit/Create > click Clear loaded Mission / End Test Mission > then go to Installed Missions again and select mission you want to replay.
If it doesn't help, restart game and try again.
If that doesn't help too, try to re-download these missions and try again.
If nothing helps, report bug.

Known issues and solutions:
- Sometimes peds brainfart, standing around and do nothing or don't go where they are supposed to go. To fix this, follow instruction I have given in IMPORTANT section.
- When you die, you might get stuck on your objectives or strange things might start happening. To avoid this always restart mission upon death. And generally try not to die.
- Sometimes GPS route disappears. It happened very rarely for me and to minimize it, remove any mods that can mess with GPS routes like Online Events or some Hitman/Repo missions. Also put your phone to sleep mode and do not go near any vanilla property events.
- Do NOT press Insert (reload scripts) key, it might mess up objectives and placement real bad so you'll have to re-install missions.

- Build a Mission

- Unzip the archive and put *missions* file in *game folder*> scripts > bam
- To uninstall, go to *game folder*> scripts > bam > missions and simply delete them all.

Recommended mods:
- Single Player Apartment
I'd call it rather essential. Or use anything else with garage, save/load vehicle function and to make your cars persistent.

- Crime and Police Rebalance & Enhancement
or Realism Dispatch Enhanced
My missions have been balanced around these mods. Vanilla police is horrible, any of these mods is pretty essential for anyone enjoying singleplayer in GTA V.

- Faster AI Drivers
Improves all AI drivers and cops by high margin, should come in handy for everyone.

- Toggle Night/Thermal Vision
Or any alternative. Sometimes you may have to assault enemies at night or in bad weather. Spotting them will be pretty hard without it. Plus you can use thermal to estimate enemy quantity and positions to plan better approach.

- Fuel Script V Mod
Or any alternative. Adds nice immersive touch and slight difficulty layer when you need to plan your fuel while travelling.

- Balanced Weather Mod
My own mod. Makes weather more dynamic. You'll witness some quite spectacular views even without any graphic enhancement mods, plus fun while driving around.

I have tested and polished every mission as best as I could so bugs should be at minimum, but there are still might be some issues. If you run in any and my instructions don't help, report. Also report typos. Don't report punctuation errors, can't fix it.

Big thanks to aimless for his fantastic tool, helpful advices and timely bug fixes. You're awesome, mate!
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