The Private Bonds Heist (Mission Maker) The Private Bonds Heist 1.0


From the creator of The VR Heists.

Step outside of the high octane and action packed world of VR and into the real world of Los Santos to participate in a new lucrative opportunity that Lester overheard from his sources.

New private mercenaries have been spotted around Los Santos transporting "something" in highly armored vehicles. Unlike Merryweather, nor Lester or Michael have seen these mercenaries before so they must have come from somewhere else to guard whatever is being transported.

You will need to scope out, complete a series of setup missions and ultimately, steal whatever is being guarded in those trucks. It should be worth a pretty penny, right?


Mission Maker

Simple Trainer - Required to enable MPMaps, Cayo Perico and certain Online Interiors used during the Heist Missions. (MPMaps and Cayo Perico toggle options can be found under "Teleporting>Other Teleports"). You DO NOT need the Open All Interiors mod!

Latest Scripthook

Latest Scripthook .Net

Highly suggested mods to use alongside:

Euphoria Ragdoll Overhaul

Score Controller (With this you can control the ingame music so you can play whatever track you like during a mission)

Heists Music Over Lowriders Music (With this you'll be able to play GTA Online Heists Music through Score Controller instead of the Lowriders Music. Features Apartment Heists, The Casino Heist and 2 Single Player Tracks.)

Don't Writhe! (With this NPCs will not go in a "bleeding out" status)

Installation steps are included in a readme text file with the mod.


-Enable MPMaps before playing any of the missions or you'll load into nothing. You DO NOT need the Enable All Interiors mod, you only need MPMaps enabled. After thats enabled, the mission's triggers will do the rest. If you need to enable anything specific other than MPMaps such as Cayo Perico, the mission's description will tell you!

-The Private Bonds Heist features 5 Setup Missions and 1 Finale:

1. Setup 1 - Scope Out.
2. Setup 2 - Unmarked Weapons.
3. Setup 3 - Self-Destruct Codes.
4. Setup 4 - Disruption.
5. Setup 5 - Getaway Vehicle.
6. The Finale.

- A lot of complaints and issues from The VR Heists have been addressed here such as:

1. Reduced dialogue messages so the player can focus more on the actual gameplay.

2. Players will now start with a preset weapons loadout so they will not have to do much searching around the mission for additional weapons, thus slowing down the pace.

3. A lot more variation between missions, less repetition.

4. More grounded and believable enemies with more gender diversity too.

5. Balanced payouts.

- Refrain from using cheats such as God Mode, Infinite Ammo, etc as missions have been carefully balanced to be fairly challenging and fun. You'll only impact your own enjoyment if you use cheats.


Initial Release.
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